David Pelayes

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09-09-2022 10:00-23:00 Virtual

ICO Member Society: EuroLam Retina

Management of infrequent cases of vitreoretinal diseases

Chair(s): Francesco Bandello (Italy); David Pelayes (Argentina);

Topic: Medical Retina

10-09-2022 16:00-17:00 Virtual

ICO Member Society: International Council of Ophthalmology

ICO World Ophthalmology Roundtable on Leadership Development (WORLD)

Chair(s): Ivo Kocur (Switzerland); Sundaram Natarajan (India);

Topic: International Eye Care and Eye Care Delivery

11-09-2022 17:15-18:15 Track 3

Invited Session

Update in the Management of Posterior Segment Trauma

Chair(s): S. Natarajan (India); Hua Yan (People's Republic of China); David Pelayes (Argentina);

Topic: Surgical Retina

12-09-2022 12:15-13:15 Track 1

Invited Session

Posterior Segment Trauma

Chair(s): David Pelayes (Argentina); Sundaram Natarajan (India); Hua Yan (People's Republic of China);

Topic: Ophthalmic Trauma