Vision Sciences

09-09-2022 12:15-13:15 Track 3

ICO Member Society: Global Eye Genetics Consortium

Topic: Vision Sciences

Advancing global research in ocular genetic under pandemic

Chair(s): Takeshi Iwata (Japan);

11-09-2022 12:15-13:15 Track 5

ICO Member Society: Asia-Pacific Society of Eye Genetics (APSEG)

Topic: Vision Sciences

APSEG Symposium on Update of Eye Genetics

Chair(s): Calvin Pang (Hong Kong, China); Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel (India);

09-09-2022 10:00-23:00 Virtual

ICO Member Society: European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER)

Topic: Vision Sciences

The retina and approachable CNS territory to study neuroprotection

Chair(s): Marcela Votruba (United Kingdom); Manuel Vidal-Sanz (Spain);

09-09-2022 10:00-23:00 Virtual


Topic: Vision Sciences

Vision Sciences Free Paper Session

Chair(s): TBA TBA;